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The nature of creative work is changing.

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Welcome to MODO

As a creative, the hard-skills work demands from you are always changing, but the underlying soft-skills do not; curiosity, creativity and critical thinking are more in demand than ever. MODO wants to make you more adaptable and resilient by honing your thinking skills – by making you strategic and solutions driven.

So no matter how the tools change, you are always the master of them. Because you design solutions. The tools are just a means to an end.

Welcome to MODO Think Lab. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’ll be learning how to think.

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How to Define your Target Market

Tuesday, October 3

Before you can build a service or product, you need to know for who. We’ll guide you through the process of defining who you are building solutions for and how to reach them.


Doing Research to Uncover Insights

Tuesday, October 10

We can hear your underlying frustration. Don’t stress. We’ll guide you on turning your research into micro-insights – little windows into the hearts and minds of your customer.