29 Jan 2016

The Big Start! MODO Moves Forward.

The team and I have been thinking

29 Jan 2016

The team and I have been thinking about this for a long time. Education that adapts with the industry and the community – not a cookie-cutter system that over-generalizes (though generalizing, in general, can be a good thing).

We will start with the foundation. Our focus? Designing a method of learning that is actionable and human-centered. It will enable you to jump into the latest practices of your industry and allow you to acquire skills as needed. In a world where technology is tweaking job descriptions daily – your critical thinking skills and ability to learn are more valuable than ever.

MODO starts experimenting with a series of social media strategy workshops. If you can harness the power of people, then making an impact on your career or business happens. Attend one, or attend all twelve workshops happening now through June. The schedule will be up this weekend.

I hope to see you around our campus at MADE. Spend some time with us.


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