About Us

About Us

MODO is an experiment in educating creatives.

And by creatives, we mean anyone involved in the creative and createch industries. These include start-ups, entrepreneurs, advertising, marketing and PR professionals, graphic designers, virtual reality and AI designers, architects,… you get the idea. People who are passionate about creating solutions and turning them into new products, experiences and services. That persistent and imaginative group who want to change the world – even it’s one small step at a time.

The mission? To help creatives develop their own process for designing solutions. Why is this important? Because all challenges have a unique context. With technology increasingly widening the possibilities, the question is not whether we can, but how. Creatives need an effective process to help them develop better ideas, test them, and pull a solution together in less time using the failures and successes of their (and others) journey.

The result? Better developed ideas and strategies that do the most good for the communities they want to impact.

So join our Think Lab. Even small solutions can have huge effects. Let’s design how.